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Play memory games with Fari

“Play Memory Games with Fari.” In this article you will find some of the games Fari offers you in an attempt to boost your memory.

Memory is an essential aspect of our daily life. We use our memory as constantly as we do our legs. And much like a muscle, our memory can be trained using scientifically validated memory games and serious brain exercises. And just like having an atrophied muscle, it can be crippling to live with an attention deficit disorder or other conditions like Alzheimer’s  which can disrupt the normal workings of or memory.

Memory games, therefore, are designed to help you assess and train your memory, brain, and other cognitive abilities. This is why Fari can help the elderly to train their memory through various games and brain exercises for free.  Some of these exercises include:

“Guess who?” Games

“Guess who?” is a game that lets the elderly guess the name of a person whose picture is showed on Fari’ screen. Fari can also set questions and answers through the Fari application on your phone. This will help you boost memory and help the elder’s cognitive functions while providing enjoyment.

Brain Box

The person must observe a card with information relevant to their interests and then return it. Fari then asks you questions about the information on the card. With this game, you will work on your memory by learning things about a subject that pleases you and in a fun way. The brain box is not just reading cards and answering questions but rather an entertaining, beneficial game. You can just play with the cards through a simple touch on Fari’s screen, iMaking learning this new game easy and approachable.

Virtual Simon

Fari engages the senior with a classic game of Simon Says: lights come on and make a sound, and the patient must remember which key to press to redial the sequence. At each success, the sequence starts again this time with one more touch. The act of repeating the sequence each time makes memorization easier.


Smart is an ideal application for those who want to train their brain everyday. The elder will be able to discover thirty mini-games spread over more than 600 different levels. Each time, their logic, concentration and memorization skills will be exercised to try to reach the best possible score. Each level lasts about a minute which allows for quick sessions  at any time of the day.


Here is another card game to train your memory. You will have to classify discoveries in the thread of the story, making this game a fun  puzzle trying to figure out when certain events happen in the timeline This game also includes many topics: events, sports and leisure, science and exploration. With this game, Fari helps the patient stay informed while training their cognitive muscles.

Round Geo Memo

This game provides virtual wood pieces, pleasant and carved-looking in the mass. It is undoubtedly a beautiful tool to rediscover the shapes through simple games: find the pairs, describe the shapes, make families, and find the intruder.

2-Minutes Ensemble

Fari offers this game so as to promote exchanges between you and your family members. The players share and recount their memories and anecdotes in turn. They resort to their memory, their imagination and even refocus on the joys of life. This is an ideal game that improves not only  the memory but also the social relations.

Our advanced technology makes it possible for our robotic assistant to be a true companion for everyone in their golden years. Having games that help the patient’s health but also engages them, Fari becomes much more than just a robot assistant sent to take care of you. Fari becomes a true robot that cares for you.


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