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Robots and Security Services

Fari and Security Services. What are the main security services provided by Robotics? To what extent can Fari secure the life of the elderly?

Robotics and General Security

Advances in modern robotics have allowed society to unlock  the full potential of true robotic assistance. Thus, security robots can play larger roles in society than they ever had before. For example, to secure:

  • Critical infrastructures
  • Sites which are difficult to access
  • Large perimeters
  • Outdoor spaces that require continuous protection

But how does Robotics offers the greatest potential for increasing the value of security services? The answer is in its potential to increase the security center’s capabilities to a much higher level that human help cannot.

  1. Ensure a presence on the ground

Armed with advanced video analytics and pan-rooftop capabilities, robots provide security managers with the ability to provide a cost-effective, value-based presence on the ground. One can even use the robot to provide ground surveillance in some large areas where it is out of the question, for reasons of budgetary constraints, to deploy human guards patrolling the perimeter 24/7.

  1. Maximize human capital

By relieving them of monotonous and repetitive chores, robotics makes it possible to employ humans in more important tasks. For example, in a security operations center where they will evaluate the data transmitted by the sensors to better curb the possible threats. It is precisely in this capacity to free human agents in order to attribute them to strategic activities that the real  value of robotics in security systems shines through.

  1. Reduce risks for human guards

Many security tasks represent significant risks for workers; risks that robots can greatly mitigate or even eliminate altogether. Thus, exciting new advances show that highly intelligent robotic assistants could replace human patrols in toxic or nuclear waste storage facilities.

Fari and her key Security Services

This being the case, we’ve designed Fari to mimic many of the security features that other security robots have, in order to make sure every elder can feel safe with Fari around. Our fantastic companion for your golden years as all the capabilities to keep you and your space completely safe. Some of Fari’s incredible technologies include:

  • Alerting you whenever a window remained open; lights that have been left on; or when a movement is inside the house.
  • Connecting to every security device you have at home, giving you complete control.
  • Her facial and sound recognition system allows her to gradually learn from the environment so as to better adapt and respond to it. For example, if your son or daughter has a habit of coming late at night, and this behavior is in complete contradiction with that of other family members, Fari will recognize his/her face and footsteps and will know that he/she is not an intruder, even in the middle of the night.
  • If a threat is detected inside the house, Fari warns the thief that he is being filmed via a voice message, anduses high pitched alarms and turning on all lights in order to scare off the intruder while alerting the residents and neighbors. She can also resort to high frequency flashes of intense light in order to blind an attacker.

With these features being part of every Fari robotic assistant, you can be sure to have a companion who is friendly, caring, and sophisticated, while at the same time taking the comfort in knowing that Fari will also keep you and your loved ones safe.


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