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Robots and Security Services

Fari and Security Services. What are the main security services provided by Robotics? To what extent can Fari secure the life of the elderly? Robotics and General Security Advances in modern robotics have allowed society to unlock  the full potential of true robotic assistance. Thus, security robots can play larger roles in society than theyContinue reading “Robots and Security Services”

Fari Integrated Activity Detection System

For Fari to be a true companion for your golden years, we needed to make it able to truly know the space it shares with the patient, and know what the patient is doing in order to assist in any way possible. This, while it may sound fairly simple and common to us as humans,Continue reading “Fari Integrated Activity Detection System”

Entertain the user with various content

Fari and her Daily Services. What are the main services that Fari offers for the elderly? What the key free apps that she can provide? Music Fari’s Music app allows you to have free access to radio stations so you can listen to music adapted to your current activity, your mood, and your desires. InstantlyContinue reading “Entertain the user with various content”

A Summary of the Movie: Robot & Frank

From Movies to Reality!  From Fiction to Science! How has the idea of Robotics moved from being merely a scene on TV to a presence in reality? A hint on “Robot & Frank” For his first feature film, Jake Schreier creates a really successful drama with a refreshing take on the story that is aging..Continue reading “A Summary of the Movie: Robot & Frank”

Family and Carer Portal

A Robot to help people regain their autonomy. How do older people perceive the idea of adopting a Robot? Robots,  companions who want the well-being of the elderly Robotics, the science of automatic machines and technologies, can provide solutions by helping dependent people. For example, by carrying things around the house, by keeping an eyeContinue reading “Family and Carer Portal”